Possible jailbreak coming to iOS 11.2.1 firmware

There have been possible jailbreaks coming to iOS 11.1.1 firmware one is by Liang Chen from Keen Lab. The bad news? It’s not available to the general public at the moment but it could change at anytime.

Alibaba’s Pandora Lab have also made a bold claim, stating that there is an untethered jailbreak available that will work well with Apple’s iPhone X. They code named the jailbreak “Pandora”. Its unlike other semi-tethered jailbreaks, Pandora installs Cydia on the Home screen.

Unfortunately,  fresh news has come to light by Song Yang, the head researcher at Alibaba’s Pandora Lab that the jailbreak is only for security research purposes, and, like Chen’s jailbreak, won’t be released to the public.  This exploit has in fact been already submitted to Apple and the exploit will likely be patched in the next version of iOS 11. They often submit these exploits to Apple, because it can prove to be very a lucrative business for these companies.   

So while you may not be able to jailbreak iOS 11.2.1 at all this moment this proves that it could happen at anytime in the future.