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Microsoft reveals its new Xbox console

Microsoft has revealed its new Xbox console, it is to be called the  Xbox One.  This console is going to be a complete upgrade in terms of hardware specifications compared to the current model, that will feature an inbuilt camera to make Skype calls, improved voice recognition and a better kinect sensor that will have a 60% wider field of view and a 1080p resolution that will improve the sensors tracking during game play. The Xbox one will also get a blue ray player, a beefier processor and a partly redesigned game pad. These changes will all help to make game playing more immersive. 

The Xbox One is also being packed with:-

  • 8 Core x86 AMD CPU
  • 8 GB System Memory
  • 500 GB HDD
  • 802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi direct
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • HDMI in/Out, 1080p, 4K support, Optical out
  • USB 3.0


With all these improvements Microsoft claiming that the new Xbox will be the one-stop entertainment solution for your home that will be able to integrate all types of multimedia such as games, live TV,  movies and web services like Skype, that will all be controlled by the improved voice recognition feature that is part of the newly improved Kinect.

Microsoft has not revealed any pricing at the moment, but expect this when  there is an official confirmation of the release dates. But there are various rumours around concerning the pricing and the release date, but who knows which ones are correct. One rumours claims that it will sell for $299 (£190) which sounds too good to be true.  However there are other rumours that are suggesting that it is going to cost more. According to the website hypable there was a leak from an online retailer Zavvi that is stating that the price will be £399/$399 and the release date will be on the November 30.

Who knows what the reality is. We will however officially confirm the price and release date when Microsoft announces the details.  

For a more in depth analysis of the Xbox One go to techradar

Nexus 7 is rumoured to be coming in June or July

A new model of  the Nexus 7 is rumoured to be coming in June orNexus 7 v1 July. These rumours have come from a website called 9to5Google and they also claim that it is likely to be announced at the I/O conference next week.

9to5Google also say that the device will receive a number of upgrades, such as  7 inch screen being upgraded from 1,280×800 pixels to 1,920×1,200. There will also be a 5 mega pixel camera added to its rear, however no mention has made to whether or no this model will come with flash capabilities. Other rumours suggest that wireless charging could also be on its way. There are other rumours flying around that hints that there is a possibility that this model will have miracast capabilities and come with an hdmi port.

Lastly they claim that the next model is likely to be a slimmed down to around 7.5-8.5mm, which will make it slightly bigger than the iPad Mini’s 7.2mm size.


iOS 7 is to resemble Windows and will be very flat

Various rumours are coming out that suggest that iOS 7 is to IOS_6_Home_Screenresemble the Windows os and it will look very flat and be more simplistic by nature.


If these rumours are true then it is a step way from its current design, which has remained relatively similar since day one. According to to 9to5Mac it could prove to be a difficult transformation for iPhone users, who are accustomed to the current iOS design.


However this new simplistic look could lead to a downscaling of heavy textures, glossiness and real-life digital elements such as the yellow notepad.


Other rumours have suggested that iOS 7 will have redesigned tool Windows_Phone_8_StartScreenbars and tab bars. There is also a likely hood that the os will come with new-look icons for Apple’s native apps.


But it is likely in reality knowing how apple operates, that the changes will be mainly on the cosmetic level and the core apps and the system would still function largely the same as it did before.

The details of the iOS 7 are expected to be revealed at the forthcoming WWDC  event in June. 


An 8 inch Windows 8 tablet gets outed

An 8 inch tablet that will run Windows 8 pro has been outed acer iconia w3by French website called Minimachines. This tablet is to be made by a company called Acer and it is to be called the Acer Iconia W3.

It is rumoured to have a dual-core Atom Z2760 1.8GHz processor,32gb of memory, 2GB of RAM, as well as a micro usb and hdmi connection. It  is also likely to come packed with a front and back camera and dual speakers and a keyboard dock.

This tablet is needed if the Windows OS is ever to make a major indent into the tablet market, because its within the 7 or 8 inch size is where the most growth has occurred recently within the tablet arena .

This comes after rumours that Microsoft might be developing a smaller tablet of its own. The release date is rumoured to around summertime.