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The new Olympus Stylus SH-1 camera eliminates motion blur

The Stylus SH-1 camera comes packed with a large array of features that makes photography even more fun. One of the moolympus_stylus_sh1-550x309st stunning features it comes with is a anti motion blur feature that can correct motion blur across all five planes of movement thanks to the inclusion of 5-axis optical image stabilisation.

This camera also comes with a large 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, TruePic VII processor and a 25-600mm, 24x optical zoom lens, which gives the user a lot of versitility when out and about.  

This camera has also a large range of automatic settings on offer to the end user such as a panoramic mode,  interval shooting and seven filters. Blur-free videos can also be taken up to 240fps which is ideal for anyone who wants to get blur free fast action shots.

The SH-1 also features a large 3-inch, 460k dots LCD touch display with protective panel that comes with built-in WiFi and a companion mobile app for sharing photos and videos on other devices. Using the OI.Share app, the camera can send photos and videos directly to smartphones.

This camera is a must buy for anyone who is looking for a compact camera that has extra features.

Olympus is launching the Stylus SH-1 camera in the US in May priced at $400.The UK price is £350, it will be available from the end of April. 

Android 4.5 what we know so far

Android 4.5 lollipop is believed to be the successor of Android 4.4 KitKat and the forerunner of Android 5.0That means there is not going to be a “whole new” Android version but instead there will be three major updates of KitKat. This has happened previously with Android 4.4, with there being three versions of Jelly Bean being released. 

Not much in known about Android 4.5 because very little has been leaked. Its secrecy is due to the fact that Android is developed in house away from prying eyes.. 

Android 4.5 release date

Android 4.5 is expected to be released during the Google i/o 2014, which will take place from 25 to 26 June.  A few weeks later it is expected that the internet giant will also be releasing Android 4.5 on the new Nexus 8 tablet. However nothing is certain at the moment concerning the actual release date.

Android 4.5 will feature more security

android securityAndroid 4.5 will get new protection options that will give the user greater control over his Android device. The user will get more access to more security options when accessing the apps, such as biometric security in the form of a fingerprint or a iris scanner. Google is also trying to create a security option on the basis of sound. This could mean that Android users in the long term through will be able to unlock their devices using the voice feature..

Also it is also rumoured that it will also be possible with Android 4.5 to save important information, such as personal documents to a secure chip instead of using the storage space on the phone or tablet. This feature will fend off attackers that want to  steal these files. Also does Google has allegedly will have the ability to erase a new security appliances remotely. This is already possible by using the Google Android Device Manager, but google would like to expand and improve the possibilities.

The new protection options and improvements suggest that it would be possible to make the google os more attractive to the business market.  For the time being it is the domain of Blackberry and the Windows Phone. It is likely that Google will also come with its own security software that wants to increase the overall security level of Android and not to be dependent on third-party software.

Running the Nexus 8 on Android 4.5?

Nexus 8 tabletDuring or around the Google I/O 2014 google are expected to introduce a new tablet called the Nexus 8. Rumours of a release of the Nexus 8 are rife. The problem with the previous Nexus 7 was it was not distinctive enough from the other cheap Android tablets, so it consiquently suffered from too much competition from them such as Acer. At the present there is little is known about the specifications of the tablet, except that the Nexus 8 will come with an 8 inch screen. Thus the Nexus 8 will be able to directly compete with the likes of iPad Mini.

It is expected that the tablet will not be powered by a Snapdragon processor, but insted by a quadcore Moorefield-cpu (Intel) with a maximum clock speed of 2, 33GHz. Furthermore the tablet is reportedly to come with a powerful gpu on Board (PowerVR G6430) that will provide the ability for the device to be able to compete with the iPad Mini. Little is known about the other specifications. We suspect that the tablet will have at least 2 GB of main memory and 16 GB of storage space, but this is not certain at the moment. It could also come with two cameras on board that will have 4 g-support and a compact and light design.

Read more about the tablet on our Nexus 8-phone page

Android 4.5 concept

android-mock-settingsBecause there are no screenshots of Android 4.5 have been leaked, offer some designers a few designs how Android 4.5 there may be may look like. The screenshots to the linkerkaner have been developed by designer Christian Ruiz, which deals with the development of user interfaces.

Since Android 4.4 KitKat Googles mobile operating system has become more playful and fresher, but according to Ruiz, the new os version has many new components, such as the redesigned settings menu that is available in both a light and dark theme.

Windows 9 is to be released on April 2015

Windows 9, the next operating system from Microsoft and the successor to Windows 8 is to be released on April 2015. Previously it went under the code name “Threshold” which Microsoft wanted ditch in favour of the name Windows 9. This will mark a departure from the previously unsuccessful Windows 8 and 8.1. It is even speculated that Windows will not be offering Windows 9 for free. Even Apple has changed from charging for upgrades to offering free upgrades. So this move by Microsoft is surprising, the official statements from Microsoft states, how realistic it is to give away the cash cow Windows, it is not. This move could prove to be counterproductive for them. 

The company could announce further details about the os at its Microsoft BUILD conference, which will be held from the 2nd until  April the 4th in San Francisco. It’s also rumoured that the company could announce a schedule for the rollout of the new Windows 9 os to developers, which still exists to this date in Alpha mode that is not runnable. In addition there are three milestones planned for the new operating system. There is likely to be soon a trial version to download for end users however its still unclear at the moment whether it will happen or it will happen at all. Previously, the website Win8China had claimed a preview of Windows 9 would be distributed by Microsoft in the second half of 2014. There is also speculation that Windows 9 will come with a substantial revision of the Metro interface that Microsoft is now calling the Modern UI.

Windows certainly needs Windows 9 to be successful. Its thought that the windows 9 os will be a hybrid between windows 7 and 8 that has the best bits of the both os’s in it.  If Microsoft can pull off a Windows 9 release with significant improvements over Windows 8 then that may be able to relegate Windows 8 to a Vista-like release in the minds of consumers.  At the moment there is going to be further tweaks to Windows 8.1. Then next year Windows 9 will be on its way.

What we know so far from the rumours

There is likely to be two models which will come with larger screens that will be either 4.7 or 6 inches in size. It is rumoured the size is increasing due to the competition having mostly larger screens. Also the screens could come with an edge to edge display that could be made out of sapphire glass that will make the screen almost impossible to scratch.

The current rumours have also viele-fans-und-designer-machen-sich-bereits-gedanken-wie-das-apple-iphone-6-aussehen-koennte-suggested that the camera is going to stay at 8mp. But there will be improvements in its image stablising processing and it light sensors that will make night shots even less grainy.  

The Australian blogger Sonny Dickson claims that the iPhone 6 will also be only 5.6 millimeters thick and will have an ultra-retina display with a pixel density of 389 ppi. This would be a significant improvement over the iPhone 5s. In addition he claims that the new A8 processor will be clocked at 2.6 GHz, tweeted Dickson. The Australian blogger has been quite accurate in the past with his predictions.

The processor of the next iPhone 6 (“iPhone Air”) will probably still be manufactured by Samsung. However its worth noting that the contract between Samsung and Apple is now over  reports ZDNet Korea. The A8 processor for the Apple iPhone 6 is likely to have a 64-bit chip architecture and  2GB of RAM.

Finally according to the latest rumours, the release date is likely to be either September or October as its been for a few years now.