iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Price wise the iPhone X ($999) (it’s worth noting that the UK’s price is similar to this price in £’s) seems technically closer to the Note 8 ($950) than the Samsung Galaxy S8, because of the Note’s higher price tag, but don’t ignore the Galaxy S8 ($750) and S8+($850) due to their lower price tags.

The Galaxy S8’s and the iPhone X both use Oled which gives a better overall contrast ratio compared to LED screens. They both measure the same size at 5.8 inches but with the Samsung Galaxy s8  you get a higher resolution screen(2960 x 1440 pixels) also with the plus version you get also a whopping 6.2-inch screen real estate which gives you an even bigger screen than the iPhone X (2436 x 1125) for a fraction of the costs.  But overall the iPhone X produced a better overall image quality. But its worth pointing out that all the OLED screens are all made by Samsung.

But when it come to sheer speed the Bionic A11 chip is much faster than the Samsungs Snapdragon 835 chip. For example, Just look at the loading up times of a new level in Injustice 2, a fighting game. There was a 13-second wait on the Galaxy S8. In just 9 seconds iPhone X had us throwing punches as Batman.

Now if you compare the cameras, it was roughly a drew but the Samsung S8 often produced a less noisy image during Low Light photography. But it’s worth pointing out that there was more of a warmth to the iPhone X’s photos and a slightly higher Colour saturation too. But if you include the other things that apple give you with their camera such as a second 2x optical zoom lens and a bunch of studio mode effects that let you simulate similar effects taken by a DLSR camera in a professional studio then the winner goes to the iPhone camera.

Now if you look at the weight between these two devices the Samsung galaxy s8 is the winner at 5.5 ounces or 155 grams, the S8 is a little lighter than the 6.1-ounces or 173 grams of the iPhone X. In fact, the S8+ weighs the same as the iPhone X.

When it comes to Storage the iPhones offers the best storage solution, because it offers the most at 256gb. The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers only 64gb but it can be expanded upto 128gb with an SD card. But often sd cards are often not as reliable and the Android system does not give you the option of sideloading  many apps on to the sd card memory. So the winner is the iPhone X.

Lastly because the Samsung S8 runs on the Android system it is held back in a number of ways. Firstly the apps are not as polished as on iOS also the software is not as optimised to run as well as they do iOS devices. Also software updates tend to take much longer to happen than on iOS, which can lead to vital security flaws not getting patched up quick enough.  Another thing that worth pointing out is that if you try and run Android devices with accessories such as Android auto, they tend to not run aswell as they do on iOS devices.

Overall the winner is the iPhone X but for its price the Samsung Galaxy S8 is great value.




How Samsung phones and tablets compare to iOS devices

To begin with Samsung make great phones and tablets they are usually quicker to bring out new features out ahead of its competition, such as face recognition, Oled screens etc, while Apple usually waits a while until those new advances become more proven. So as a consequence of this their products often feel that they are in beta compared to iOS products.


Another thing that is to the detriment of Samsung is its reliance on the Android OS. Samsung should have fully adopted Tizan as its main os for its phones and tablets. At the moment Tizan is doing well in the Samsungs tv line up and the Samsung watch line up. If they could fully adopt Tizan they could trim the OS to work to its best with Samsung hardware so you get the maximum performance interns of battery life and in hardware performance.  With Android running on 1000’s of different devices and with devices often running on older versions it often makes it difficult for app developers to deliver a polished app experience like on iOS.  


The only reason they have not moved fully over to Tizan for its phones and tablets is due to sheer lack of apps available to the Tizan OS. That is the achilles heel of the OS like it was to the Windows Phone OS, which lead to the downfall of the Windows phone OS. What they could do like Microsoft Windows could have done is to have enabled Android apps to function on the OS, then these os’s could have flourished.


Allo and Duo Androids answer to iMessage and FaceTime

Allo and Duo are set to become the Androids answer to iMessage andMotorola RAZR XT910 V1 FaceTime. It rumoured that they will become pre installed and the default communication apps on the next release of Android called Android Nougat. Its also likely that Allo will eventually offer sms support in the same way that Apples iMessage does. I.e, defaulting to text sms format if the apps fails to connect via Allo. 

Androids hangouts has not really too off. The app is simply too complex to catch on for the average consumer. Its inevitable that this app will be phased out but over what time frame is debatable. 


7 Apps that could transform your Chromebook

We all know that Chromebooks will soon be running Android which will Android symbol 1transform the Chromebook into a very powerful desktop pc that will give the Windows desktop a run for its money. Here are several apps here there are 7 apps that will make your Chrome book a killer product, these are:

Microsoft Office is the number one office app with this app it will transform the Chromebook into a traditional pc. Adobe Lightroom will transform the Chromebook into  an advanced photo editing pc. Spotify is also a perfect music streaming service for the Chromebook, because it offers a vast selection of music without needing to store the music on the Chromebook which has limited storage. Third-party browsers such as Firefox will prove to be an excellent alternative to to Googles Chrome,AutoCAD is ideal for advanced design work, Twitter is also a useful communications app and finally Google Now is a perfect virtual assistant.

Click here to find out more.

Why Android could be more prone to future virus attacks

Android symbol 1Thomas Fox-Brewster who is from a website called Forbes states that Google has stopped pushing security updates to the WebView tool if you are using Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (or any earlier flavour of Android).

This all happened without warning.  There are 949 devices that are running these versions of the Android os that can be affected at anytime.

Over 60% of Android devices which connected to Google Play between Dec 30 2014 and Jan 5 2015 (via Google’s Android dashboard) ran the older version of Android. All of these devices will no longer receive the security updates.

Google when asked refused to answer this question.

Reference: Appalled security researchers and Forbes

The Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung-Galaxy-S5 The Galaxy S5 is the flagship of Samsung for 2014. The model follows the immensely popular Galaxy S4 that Samsung released in March 2013.   The Galaxy S5 has a large 5.1 inch screen (1080 p) thanks to the amoled technology is easy to read in direct sunlight. The unit has a 16 Megapixel camera and 2.5 GHz quadcore processor. There is 2 GB of main memory and a hefty 2800 mAh battery on board. All features at a glance: Sharp 5.1 inch super-amoled screen (1080 p) Snapdragon 801-chip with 2.5 GHz quadcore processor 2 GB of main memory, there is also 16 GB or 32 GB of internal storage space to choose from. The phone has a fingerprint scanner that is implemented in to the home button. The housing is also dust and water resistant and it comes with a 16 mega pixel camera that can shoot 4k-video.   The phone is 8.1 millimetres thick, 142 millimetres high and 72.5 mm wide. That is just slightly thicker, taller and wider than its predecessor. Also the weight of the Galaxy S5 has been increased to 145 grams while the Galaxy S4 was just 130 grams. The Galaxy Galaxy S5t back is also now comes with a soft-touch material. The back seems similar to the material that was used by Google’s Asus Nexus 7 tablet back in 2012. Furthermore, the back is also dust and water resistant. The Galaxy S5 is also available in black, white, blue and gold versions. The new stiff back should fend off the criticisms which the previous model suffered from about the back being cheap and plastically.   The Galaxy S5 has of course the latest version of Android with an additional Samsung new TouchWiz skin. Many Samsung apps have had also a fine makeover, including the S Health-app that lets you measure sports activities, this app also can be used in combination with the heart rate monitor. The settings menu has been given a major makeover too. Now the icons have more of a rounded appearance. The menus are now less crowded and also the notifications menu is now clearer to read. One thing that is worth noting is that the software takes up as much as 8 GB of storage space. This means that  the 16 GB version of the Galaxy S5 has over half the storage space taken up by TouchWiz and its associated apps. Its recommended to get either the 32 GB variant of the device or a hefty micro sd card. The 16 Megapixel camera also features a new chip for processing images. Now the camera can now focus in as little as 0.3 seconds. This is the fastest autofocus system that Samsung has ever fitted to a device. The camera app from the Galaxy S5 has also been taken care of which makes the editing of photos a lot easier. At the front of the phone it has a 2.1 megapixel camera for conducting video calls. Also there is a new HDR feature that will work when taking videos, that will provide more detail to both the light and dark portions of the video. According to Samsung, it is the first hdr function for a video camera. Another fine addition is the ability to shoot in 4k videos. That will provide the user with super clear and sharp images. Furthermore flagship smartphone is very dust and water resistant. At the bottom there is a cover that allows the micro-usb port to be protected against dirt and water. The Active version of the Galaxy S4 is also completely dust and water resistant and features the same protective cover on the underside. A splash in the toilet will therefore no longer mean a broken mobile phone. In addition there is a tailgate that makes it easy to remove the battery Sim card, so you can easily remove the micro-sd card. Another advantage with the device weighting 145 grams is that its relatively thin and light for its size. The S5 measures 142 at 72.5 at 8.1 millimetres is relatively large, but can still fit in an average pocket. The tailgate has a kind of polka dot embossing and its  soft to the touch, but can’t camouflage the fact that the Galaxy S5 is mainly made of plastic.  This kind of  makes it feel simply not as ‘ premium ‘ as the shiny aluminum of the HTC One M8. Both phones have a suggested retail price of 699 euro. Samsung is trying to justify this by means of the fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor and 400 euros offer for free apps and subscriptions (read more about this Galaxy S5 goodies) that the M8 then again does not have that. Those additions are a bonus, but the question is will the user ever make use of them. The Galaxy S5 however is a nice smartphone to see. The display is large and colourful with a thin screen and edges and the volume button and power buttons within easy reach. In addition, the physical home button is also easy to access. Furthermore it gives use peace of mind that the mobile phone is water resistant and it comes with a removable battery which is a bonus. So you can drop the phone into the toilet bowl or the S5 so bring on a beach on your holidays with peace of mind. The screen resolution is ok by todays standards and its bright too. When Samsung announced that the Galaxy S5 ‘ but ‘ would get a 1080 p screen, we could not suppress a sense of disappointment. But its been tested, we can say that that disappointment is unfounded. We are however very pleased with the quality of super-amoled screen of the device that measures 5.1 inch which is just slightly larger than that of the Galaxy S4. The pixel density of the screen is slightly lower, with 432 ppi but the brightness can be cranked up to 450 nits. In practice, the high resolution does not have individual pixels that are distinct, for example, texts on zoomed websites are clearly legible. The screen automatically adjusts itself to be perfectly readable in sunlight that makes it virtually always easy-to-read in any environment.   The screen also corrects itself in the evening in the dark which makes it perfect for late reading. The screen also provides excellent viewing angles too. It doesn’t matter from what angle you look at the screen the colours always look amazing. That makes viewing photos and videos a pleasure. In addition the scratch comes with Gorilla Glass 3, that makes it almost scratch resistant. The accuracy of the fingerprint scanner is good, though it’s not easy to unlock your device with one hand as it is with the iPhone 5S. This is probably due to its size. Samsung is positioning the S5 among other things as a smartphone for active users, and the unit features a heart rate monitor. This is located on the rear of the appliance next to the Flash and works only in combination with the renewed S Health-app. You can go running or cycling by entering what you’ve eaten and check out how many calories you will need to burn off in order to either lose weight or to maintain the same weight. The app can also be used for counting your steps with the sport armband that can be purchased separately.  However, the accessory is not necessary in order to use the Samsung sports app. From S Health you can directly measure your heart rate, to activate this function it takes some seconds to activate while keeping your finger on the sensor. Next you’ll see how many beats per minute your heart is working at. By measuring your heart rate at regular intervals, you can get an impression of your physical condition. Samsung emphasizes that the sensor should not be seen as a medical instrument. Its important to note that the heart rate monitor gives only an indication of your actual heart rate. For truly accurate measurements you’re always better off with a more professional heart rate monitor.  It should be viewed as a humorous addition,consumers should not purchase the device because of this feature.

To sum up its a good phone whether the features are enough to convince people to upgrade from the Samsung S4 remains to be seen.

Android 4.5 what we know so far

Android 4.5 lollipop is believed to be the successor of Android 4.4 KitKat and the forerunner of Android 5.0That means there is not going to be a “whole new” Android version but instead there will be three major updates of KitKat. This has happened previously with Android 4.4, with there being three versions of Jelly Bean being released. 

Not much in known about Android 4.5 because very little has been leaked. Its secrecy is due to the fact that Android is developed in house away from prying eyes.. 

Android 4.5 release date

Android 4.5 is expected to be released during the Google i/o 2014, which will take place from 25 to 26 June.  A few weeks later it is expected that the internet giant will also be releasing Android 4.5 on the new Nexus 8 tablet. However nothing is certain at the moment concerning the actual release date.

Android 4.5 will feature more security

android securityAndroid 4.5 will get new protection options that will give the user greater control over his Android device. The user will get more access to more security options when accessing the apps, such as biometric security in the form of a fingerprint or a iris scanner. Google is also trying to create a security option on the basis of sound. This could mean that Android users in the long term through will be able to unlock their devices using the voice feature..

Also it is also rumoured that it will also be possible with Android 4.5 to save important information, such as personal documents to a secure chip instead of using the storage space on the phone or tablet. This feature will fend off attackers that want to  steal these files. Also does Google has allegedly will have the ability to erase a new security appliances remotely. This is already possible by using the Google Android Device Manager, but google would like to expand and improve the possibilities.

The new protection options and improvements suggest that it would be possible to make the google os more attractive to the business market.  For the time being it is the domain of Blackberry and the Windows Phone. It is likely that Google will also come with its own security software that wants to increase the overall security level of Android and not to be dependent on third-party software.

Running the Nexus 8 on Android 4.5?

Nexus 8 tabletDuring or around the Google I/O 2014 google are expected to introduce a new tablet called the Nexus 8. Rumours of a release of the Nexus 8 are rife. The problem with the previous Nexus 7 was it was not distinctive enough from the other cheap Android tablets, so it consiquently suffered from too much competition from them such as Acer. At the present there is little is known about the specifications of the tablet, except that the Nexus 8 will come with an 8 inch screen. Thus the Nexus 8 will be able to directly compete with the likes of iPad Mini.

It is expected that the tablet will not be powered by a Snapdragon processor, but insted by a quadcore Moorefield-cpu (Intel) with a maximum clock speed of 2, 33GHz. Furthermore the tablet is reportedly to come with a powerful gpu on Board (PowerVR G6430) that will provide the ability for the device to be able to compete with the iPad Mini. Little is known about the other specifications. We suspect that the tablet will have at least 2 GB of main memory and 16 GB of storage space, but this is not certain at the moment. It could also come with two cameras on board that will have 4 g-support and a compact and light design.

Read more about the tablet on our Nexus 8-phone page

Android 4.5 concept

android-mock-settingsBecause there are no screenshots of Android 4.5 have been leaked, offer some designers a few designs how Android 4.5 there may be may look like. The screenshots to the linkerkaner have been developed by designer Christian Ruiz, which deals with the development of user interfaces.

Since Android 4.4 KitKat Googles mobile operating system has become more playful and fresher, but according to Ruiz, the new os version has many new components, such as the redesigned settings menu that is available in both a light and dark theme.

Nexus 7 is rumoured to be coming in June or July

A new model of  the Nexus 7 is rumoured to be coming in June orNexus 7 v1 July. These rumours have come from a website called 9to5Google and they also claim that it is likely to be announced at the I/O conference next week.

9to5Google also say that the device will receive a number of upgrades, such as  7 inch screen being upgraded from 1,280×800 pixels to 1,920×1,200. There will also be a 5 mega pixel camera added to its rear, however no mention has made to whether or no this model will come with flash capabilities. Other rumours suggest that wireless charging could also be on its way. There are other rumours flying around that hints that there is a possibility that this model will have miracast capabilities and come with an hdmi port.

Lastly they claim that the next model is likely to be a slimmed down to around 7.5-8.5mm, which will make it slightly bigger than the iPad Mini’s 7.2mm size.


Now that the Samsung Galaxy s4 has been released is it worth the upgrade

As far as i can see, there are only a few advantages in upgrading to Copy of GalaxyS4_blackthe newer S4 model, the first reason is because of the improved optics of the camera, now it has a 13mp shooter compared to the s3 8 mp camera that often never performed as well in the evening when there was less light to go around. Another good reason to upgrade is because of the larger full HD 5 inch screen that gives more space for texting and for doing other tasks, the size increase from 4.8 inches to 5 inches in real terms does make that difference. 

Some things have unchanged such as the amount of storage that is offered compared to the previous model which matched the iPhone with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models plus a micro SD card slot. Also on the software front is not any reason to upgrade, because the s3 and the s4 are both running the latest Android os, which is Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. However the Galaxy S4 does have a few newer features that include Smart Scroll, Smart Pause and Air Gesture to name a couple. However that the Galaxy S3 will be updated with some of the new features in the near future.

The other reasons listed why you should upgrade to this model seem to be marketing gimmicks to make you buy it. For example they say that the screen 441ppi pixel density is higher than the Samsung s3 which had a ppi density of 306, but in the real world that does not mean that much, due the the human eye not being able to tell the difference between that of the Samsung s3 and s4 screens. due to the ppi density of the screens being so high on both of the models.

Often it is quoted as having a better battery than the s3, because it has been upgraded  from 2,100mAh to 2,600mAh. However in real terms it will not perform much longer than the s3, due to the larger screen using more power and there being more processing power in the s4 version. For example the new Exynos 5 Octa processor has four Cortex-A15 cores clocked at 1.6GHz for performance while the remaining four are Cortex-A7s clocked at 1.2GHz for less demanding tasks and power saving. However in real terms the new Exynos 5 Octo-core processor in the s4 is likely to be prove to be more power hungry than the previous Exynos 4 Quad processor which was used in the s3 version which was clocked at 1.4GHz. 

So to conclude if want a better performing camera and a larger screen size go for the upgrade otherwise it just not worth upgrading to the s4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumoured to be dropping Amoled screen technology

Galaxy 3As the  Samsung Galaxy S4 release date is getting closer, more and more leaked images and details of the device seem to be hitting the web.

 The rumours indicate that the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4  is getting really close, in fact according to Reuters the release could be as early as next month. 

According to a recent post on the SamMobile website, the S4 will not be coming with a AMOLED display and a Exynos processor. Instead it will be powered by a Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor with 1.9 GHz clock speed. This is the same processor that is currently being used in the HTC One. The reason they are not using the next generation Exynos 5 Octo processor is due to over heating issues. The AMOLED display that is currently being used in the S3 model is going to be  replaced with a display based on SoLux display technology.

Other rumours state that the phone is most likely to come with 4.99 inch full-HD display which will be almost edge to edge, 2GB RAM, 13 megapixel camera. The phone is also expected to be offered in three storage sizes, such as 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

If all these rumours are true then this will be the ultimate smart phone ever made like its predecessor the Galaxy S3 and Samsung will continue to hold the crown of  having the best smart phone ever made.  The competition such as Apple will have to bring out something special in order to top this. However according to the website slashgear Apple are considering bringing out an iPhone with a larger 4.8 display to fight off the competition.  Another website called apple24seven also claims that  iO7 is likely to also get a major update  in order to further fight off the competition.