The best TV’s of 2017

Heres the list of the top tv’s of 2017, the list comes courtesy of the website

Two players playing video games on TV at home

Techrader. They have compared a number of things to come up with this list such as Higher dynamic range, motion blur, off angle access etc.

Over the last year 4k enabled TV’s have become more main stream on TV’s, which means they can show 4 times the detail of traditional 1080p tv’s. Now you can even get it on mid range models. Now companies such as Netflix and Amazon are adopting the standard more.

Heres the list that have been tested by Techrader :-

  1. LG E7 OLED
  2. Samsung Q9F QLED
  3. Sony XE90
  4. Sony BRAVIA A1 OLED
  5. Panasonic DX902
  6. LG B7 OLED
  7. Panasonic EZ1002 OLED
  8. Philips 65PUS7601
  9. Sony XE93
  10. Panasonic DX750

As you can see every year Oled’s ¬†always tend to take the top spot, this is because Qled TV’s just can’t match the deeper blacks better contrast ratios that Oleds tend to produce. Qleds tend to also look worse than Oleds when you are viewing them slightly off angle. However this could change when Qled Tv’s stop using the backlight to power them. This could happen as soon as 2019.