Ovivo offers free phone calls texts and data every month

There is a new telephone company on the block called Ovivo mobile, this company is now offering its customers a generous bundle of free calls, texts and data every month. There is no minimum tops up and no contract every month.  The only catch is that you have to agree to view targeted adverts that are directed to your phones internet browser. The company is compatible with most platforms with the exception of Blackberry and Symbian. So you should have no problems signing up and getting the service running on your device. Once you have signed up and paid £5’s you will receive your sim with £5’s of credit. Its worth noting that once your monthly allowance runs out then you will be charged at 6p per minute for calls,6p per text and 6p per MB for data, which are the best rates to be found within the UK.


The company piggybacks on the Vodafone network, so your guaranteed a solid and reliable reception wherever you choose to wander within the UK.  

For more details go over to the Ovivo website.

A new mobile broadband service launches in the UK that’s offering free internet

There is a new mobile broadband service called Samba, has just launched in the UK that’s offering free Internet. But there is a catch, the user will need to watch video advertisements in order to qualify for the free Internet service. The user will be able to choose what adverts he or she wants to watch. The customer will get to accumulate credit based on the amount of adverts that they watch. There will also be a battery indicator to help keep check on the amount of data the user has. The service seems to offer very good value for money, for example, just watching 2.5 minutes per day of adverts will get the user a data allowance of 517MB per month, which is more than enough for the average user. 

Samba is the perfect solution for people who need internet data on the go and don’t want to be locked into contracts with monthly charges and additional costs for excess data usage,” says Ben Atherton who is the CEO and founder of Samba.

“With Samba you earn the credit watching ads at a time that is convenient for you and then have access when you need it. It also marks an end to that hunt for a coffee shop, pub, hotel or library to get on line  with Samba you can be online anytime, anywhere”.

“We want Samba to be a quality product that our customers will enjoy using. We have the best connection and internet speed possible and carry premium ads from brands such as Agent Provocateur, Sims, Volvo, Clinique, Nissan, Paramount Pictures, Xbox Kinect, Pot Noodle and Dell.” continues Atherton.

This broadband service should be able to offer a fast and reliable connection, due to the company using the 3 mobile network, which has been specifically built from the bottom up to run on a minimum of 3g data speeds.  

This is the UK’s first free broadband service to launch to date, whether this business model will prove to be a success only time will tell.  Keep your eyes peeled and watch this space.

If you want to join, you will need to go to  www.sambamobile.com and register where you will be required to purchase a £5 sim card or a 3G dongle with a sim card which will set you back £25. If you want to use the service with your laptop, then you will most likely need to take the dongle with the sim card option.