The new iPhone 7 is more of a downgrade compared to its competitors

The new iPhone 7 is more of a downgrade compared to its the-iphone7-might-be-released-a-little-later-than-the-traditional-release-dates-of-new-iphone-series-which-mostly-debuts-in-septembercompetitors. Well the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus was announced by Apple yesterday. What a disappointment, the casing is almost identical to the previous model.

There have been only minor upgrades in the processor and camera department in the iPhone 7 with the exception being the larger plus model that will now use dual lens technology. The 4.7 inch display size in the iPhone 7 is still small compared to its competitors and there is no oled display upgrade which most of its competitors are using in there hi end models. Instead Apple has decided to save money and use the cheaper led display technology which is inferior due to it being backlight driven opposed to pixel driven. They have also dropped the headphone jack which is a downgrade in my opinion. Now you will need a special adapter to use your headphones. Its probably a good business move for them so you can buy there bluetooth enabled ear phones called  ‘AirPod’ headphones that cost £159 in the UK and $159 in the US.

Its now been 3 years since they have offered a major upgrade any other company would not have got away with it.

Samsung is rolling out a backup up service to rival Apples iclouds backup service

Samsung has rolled a new Cloud backup service that has the ability toSamsung Galaxy Note v1 back up everything. The new cloud back up service has already been rolled out to  Samsungs flagship phone called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This backup service will be able to match Apples iCloud backup service which has been able to back up everything for years.

Until now Android phones have not been able to fully backup everything in a simple way. However Googles backup service has improved with the launch of  its latest os called Android Marshmallow. Now it will back up apps, photos, contacts and its calendar. But it still lacks a few things, such as the ability to back up sms texts, screen layout and app data for all apps. Currently for Google to be able to back up the data within a particular app, it requires the app to be updated to the latest os and the app developer not cancel the enabled option for Google to store the apps data. There are also many third party backup services available but most are not reliable or too complex for the average none techie consumer to want to use.

Samsung is also rolling the service out to other top end models such as the s7 and the s7 edge. Expect to see the service sometime this August on those models.


Allo and Duo Androids answer to iMessage and FaceTime

Allo and Duo are set to become the Androids answer to iMessage andMotorola RAZR XT910 V1 FaceTime. It rumoured that they will become pre installed and the default communication apps on the next release of Android called Android Nougat. Its also likely that Allo will eventually offer sms support in the same way that Apples iMessage does. I.e, defaulting to text sms format if the apps fails to connect via Allo. 

Androids hangouts has not really too off. The app is simply too complex to catch on for the average consumer. Its inevitable that this app will be phased out but over what time frame is debatable. 


The iPhone 7 is going to be so much more different than most bloggers say

The iPhone 7 will be more subtly different than what most bloggers claim. Thethe-iphone7-might-be-released-a-little-later-than-the-traditional-release-dates-of-new-iphone-series-which-mostly-debuts-in-september the difference will be different in subtle ways. Even though it may have a similar casing to the previous model this model will most likely differ in these ways:-

There will be two model on offer iPhone 7 Plus/Pro that will both feature higher resolution displays (possibly 1080p on the iPhone 7 and 2K on the Pro version). The casing will be thinner due to the headphone jack being removed also the new iPhones are likely to offer a 256gb storage option. The processor will most likely be a faster and more powerful next-generation Apple processor. The camera will also be improved, you will see a vast improvement in the quality of the night shots that will most likely rival the Samsung s7. The new pro version will possibly feature a dual camera that will most definitely outshine the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 camera. There will also be a possible colour on offer too that will feature Space Black version.

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Whats new about iOS so far in beta 4

To begin with there has been various bug fixes. Theres a new control iphone 5.jpg12centre and splash page also theres new keyboard sounds for the backspace and spacebar. Apple has also removed the vibration when manually locking for devices that have the haptic engine. Older system wallpapers have been removed also theres over 100 new emojis. The health app has seen some tweaks in colors and layouts.
Folder animations are much quicker and the date section widget has been added back.

All could change in the future when apple releases the final version in the Autum, because this is only the beats release.  To read more click here  to read more from the cult of mac website.

7 Apps that could transform your Chromebook

We all know that Chromebooks will soon be running Android which will Android symbol 1transform the Chromebook into a very powerful desktop pc that will give the Windows desktop a run for its money. Here are several apps here there are 7 apps that will make your Chrome book a killer product, these are:

Microsoft Office is the number one office app with this app it will transform the Chromebook into a traditional pc. Adobe Lightroom will transform the Chromebook into  an advanced photo editing pc. Spotify is also a perfect music streaming service for the Chromebook, because it offers a vast selection of music without needing to store the music on the Chromebook which has limited storage. Third-party browsers such as Firefox will prove to be an excellent alternative to to Googles Chrome,AutoCAD is ideal for advanced design work, Twitter is also a useful communications app and finally Google Now is a perfect virtual assistant.

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How to get a free Windows 10 Upgrade after the deadline

We all know that Microsoft has ended its free upgrade to Windows 10 on the 29th of July. But its still not too late, there is still a way to still get a free upgrade click here to find out howwindows-10-start-menu.

iOS 9 will be all about speed and performance

iOS 9 will be all about speed, performance and viele-fans-und-designer-machen-sich-bereits-gedanken-wie-das-apple-iphone-6-aussehen-koennte-fixing bugs according to a website called metro and 9to5mac.  These websites claim that the leaks about iOS 9 came from Apples own engineering team.

This will be good news because iOS 8 has been beset with problems with stability and performance since its launch back in September of last year. Which has resulted in numerous complaints from its customers. Frequent releases to the os that have added more and more features overtime have taken its toll on the os.

Further details about iOS 9 will be released in June at Apples Worldwide Developers Conference.


Cannot find the toilet now theres an app for that

If you have problems finding a toilet when you need one now theres an app for that for Android and iOS users. Its called the Flush Toilet Finder. This app has been developed by a group of students at the University of East Anglia. Its free and its has on its data base around 100,000 public toilets from a round the world. This app also enables users to further add toilets locations that are not listed. This will ensure that this app will never go out of date.

Jake Ruston who is a student from UEA got the idea after making an app for the London Underground. He says that:

“The app accesses your GPS location to locate all the public conveniences in your area,” he explained.

“The app also provides information about whether toilets have disabled access, whether people need to obtain a key for access, and whether the facilities are free or not.”

Here are the links iOS Android

The Piratebay rises from the ashes once again

tpbbackThe Piratebay is back online after being shut down by police back in December and according to a website called Torrent Freak, thePirateBay came back online on January 31st which was ahead of its planned launch date which was for February 1st.

However after it was raided and closed down back in December by Swedish police other torrent sites came to fill the voice such as Kickass torrents and isohunt.

The home page of tpb does now feature a symbol of a Phoenix, which is symbolic.

It’s worth pointing out that at the moment ThepirateBay does not appear to have everything operational for example, the website does not display any ads and The “Contact Us,” “RSS” and “Register” links are not operational which results in a 404 error when trying to access them. However the website overall does look and feel the same as it did before it was closed down. 

It seems like the data loss is minimal on the website. The latest upload appears to be on December 9 last year, that was on the same day the website was closed down by the police.However it is experiencing some dropouts at the moment which is probably due to the huge amount of traffic on the website. It will be interesting to see if tpb can reclaim its spot as the king of the torrents sites.


You can access ThePirateBay here