The best TV’s of 2017

Heres the list of the top tv’s of 2017, the list comes courtesy of the website

Two players playing video games on TV at home

Techrader. They have compared a number of things to come up with this list such as Higher dynamic range, motion blur, off angle access etc.

Over the last year 4k enabled TV’s have become more main stream on TV’s, which means they can show 4 times the detail of traditional 1080p tv’s. Now you can even get it on mid range models. Now companies such as Netflix and Amazon are adopting the standard more.

Heres the list that have been tested by Techrader :-

  1. LG E7 OLED
  2. Samsung Q9F QLED
  3. Sony XE90
  4. Sony BRAVIA A1 OLED
  5. Panasonic DX902
  6. LG B7 OLED
  7. Panasonic EZ1002 OLED
  8. Philips 65PUS7601
  9. Sony XE93
  10. Panasonic DX750

As you can see every year Oled’s  always tend to take the top spot, this is because Qled TV’s just can’t match the deeper blacks better contrast ratios that Oleds tend to produce. Qleds tend to also look worse than Oleds when you are viewing them slightly off angle. However this could change when Qled Tv’s stop using the backlight to power them. This could happen as soon as 2019.

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Price wise the iPhone X ($999) (it’s worth noting that the UK’s price is similar to this price in £’s) seems technically closer to the Note 8 ($950) than the Samsung Galaxy S8, because of the Note’s higher price tag, but don’t ignore the Galaxy S8 ($750) and S8+($850) due to their lower price tags.

The Galaxy S8’s and the iPhone X both use Oled which gives a better overall contrast ratio compared to LED screens. They both measure the same size at 5.8 inches but with the Samsung Galaxy s8  you get a higher resolution screen(2960 x 1440 pixels) also with the plus version you get also a whopping 6.2-inch screen real estate which gives you an even bigger screen than the iPhone X (2436 x 1125) for a fraction of the costs.  But overall the iPhone X produced a better overall image quality. But its worth pointing out that all the OLED screens are all made by Samsung.

But when it come to sheer speed the Bionic A11 chip is much faster than the Samsungs Snapdragon 835 chip. For example, Just look at the loading up times of a new level in Injustice 2, a fighting game. There was a 13-second wait on the Galaxy S8. In just 9 seconds iPhone X had us throwing punches as Batman.

Now if you compare the cameras, it was roughly a drew but the Samsung S8 often produced a less noisy image during Low Light photography. But it’s worth pointing out that there was more of a warmth to the iPhone X’s photos and a slightly higher Colour saturation too. But if you include the other things that apple give you with their camera such as a second 2x optical zoom lens and a bunch of studio mode effects that let you simulate similar effects taken by a DLSR camera in a professional studio then the winner goes to the iPhone camera.

Now if you look at the weight between these two devices the Samsung galaxy s8 is the winner at 5.5 ounces or 155 grams, the S8 is a little lighter than the 6.1-ounces or 173 grams of the iPhone X. In fact, the S8+ weighs the same as the iPhone X.

When it comes to Storage the iPhones offers the best storage solution, because it offers the most at 256gb. The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers only 64gb but it can be expanded upto 128gb with an SD card. But often sd cards are often not as reliable and the Android system does not give you the option of sideloading  many apps on to the sd card memory. So the winner is the iPhone X.

Lastly because the Samsung S8 runs on the Android system it is held back in a number of ways. Firstly the apps are not as polished as on iOS also the software is not as optimised to run as well as they do iOS devices. Also software updates tend to take much longer to happen than on iOS, which can lead to vital security flaws not getting patched up quick enough.  Another thing that worth pointing out is that if you try and run Android devices with accessories such as Android auto, they tend to not run aswell as they do on iOS devices.

Overall the winner is the iPhone X but for its price the Samsung Galaxy S8 is great value.




Possible jailbreak coming to iOS 11.2.1 firmware

There have been possible jailbreaks coming to iOS 11.1.1 firmware one is by Liang Chen from Keen Lab. The bad news? It’s not available to the general public at the moment but it could change at anytime.

Alibaba’s Pandora Lab have also made a bold claim, stating that there is an untethered jailbreak available that will work well with Apple’s iPhone X. They code named the jailbreak “Pandora”. Its unlike other semi-tethered jailbreaks, Pandora installs Cydia on the Home screen.

Unfortunately,  fresh news has come to light by Song Yang, the head researcher at Alibaba’s Pandora Lab that the jailbreak is only for security research purposes, and, like Chen’s jailbreak, won’t be released to the public.  This exploit has in fact been already submitted to Apple and the exploit will likely be patched in the next version of iOS 11. They often submit these exploits to Apple, because it can prove to be very a lucrative business for these companies.   

So while you may not be able to jailbreak iOS 11.2.1 at all this moment this proves that it could happen at anytime in the future.        

Alternative app stores for a none jailbroken iOS devices

Heres a list of a few of the best app stores where you will not need to jailbreak your iOS device to be able to acess the apps that Apple does not allow on their app store:-

Best one it has the widest selection of Apps available.
The other good ones are:-
These have a much smaller selection of Apps.

Apple admits to Slowing down its older phones but theres a reason for it

Apple has admitted to slowing down older models of the iPhone to prevent them from shutting down,  their reason behind this, according to Apple’s letter, is due to the iPhones age, their ageing batteries can’ deliver enough power to properly power the processor. So Apple slows them down a bit in order to keep the older devices from unexpectedly shutting down. 

Its worth noting that many of Apples competitors don’t do this and it tends to result in more shuts downs in rival older devices. However the tech firm has made an apology to its customers and it has said that from the end of January the cost of replacing a battery on iPhone 6 or later models will be cut from £79 to £25 in the UK and in US it was reduced to $29, which represents an impressive discount over the $80’s Apple usually charges.

How Samsung phones and tablets compare to iOS devices

To begin with Samsung make great phones and tablets they are usually quicker to bring out new features out ahead of its competition, such as face recognition, Oled screens etc, while Apple usually waits a while until those new advances become more proven. So as a consequence of this their products often feel that they are in beta compared to iOS products.


Another thing that is to the detriment of Samsung is its reliance on the Android OS. Samsung should have fully adopted Tizan as its main os for its phones and tablets. At the moment Tizan is doing well in the Samsungs tv line up and the Samsung watch line up. If they could fully adopt Tizan they could trim the OS to work to its best with Samsung hardware so you get the maximum performance interns of battery life and in hardware performance.  With Android running on 1000’s of different devices and with devices often running on older versions it often makes it difficult for app developers to deliver a polished app experience like on iOS.  


The only reason they have not moved fully over to Tizan for its phones and tablets is due to sheer lack of apps available to the Tizan OS. That is the achilles heel of the OS like it was to the Windows Phone OS, which lead to the downfall of the Windows phone OS. What they could do like Microsoft Windows could have done is to have enabled Android apps to function on the OS, then these os’s could have flourished.


The new iPhone 7 is more of a downgrade compared to its competitors

The new iPhone 7 is more of a downgrade compared to its competitors. Well the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus was announced by Apple yesterday. What a disappointment, the casing is almost identical to the previous model.

There have been only minor upgrades in the processor and camera department in the iPhone 7 with the exception being the larger plus model that will now use dual lens technology. The 4.7 inch display size in the iPhone 7 is still small compared to its competitors and there is no oled display upgrade which most of its competitors are using in there hi end models. Instead Apple has decided to save money and use the cheaper led display technology which is inferior due to it being backlight driven opposed to pixel driven. They have also dropped the headphone jack which is a downgrade in my opinion. Now you will need a special adapter to use your headphones. Its probably a good business move for them so you can buy there bluetooth enabled ear phones called  ‘AirPod’ headphones that cost £159 in the UK and $159 in the US.

Its now been 3 years since they have offered a major upgrade any other company would not have got away with it.

Samsung is rolling out a backup up service to rival Apples iclouds backup service

Samsung has rolled a new Cloud backup service that has the ability toSamsung Galaxy Note v1 back up everything. The new cloud back up service has already been rolled out to  Samsungs flagship phone called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This backup service will be able to match Apples iCloud backup service which has been able to back up everything for years.

Until now Android phones have not been able to fully backup everything in a simple way. However Googles backup service has improved with the launch of  its latest os called Android Marshmallow. Now it will back up apps, photos, contacts and its calendar. But it still lacks a few things, such as the ability to back up sms texts, screen layout and app data for all apps. Currently for Google to be able to back up the data within a particular app, it requires the app to be updated to the latest os and the app developer not cancel the enabled option for Google to store the apps data. There are also many third party backup services available but most are not reliable or too complex for the average none techie consumer to want to use.

Samsung is also rolling the service out to other top end models such as the s7 and the s7 edge. Expect to see the service sometime this August on those models.


Allo and Duo Androids answer to iMessage and FaceTime

Allo and Duo are set to become the Androids answer to iMessage andMotorola RAZR XT910 V1 FaceTime. It rumoured that they will become pre installed and the default communication apps on the next release of Android called Android Nougat. Its also likely that Allo will eventually offer sms support in the same way that Apples iMessage does. I.e, defaulting to text sms format if the apps fails to connect via Allo. 

Androids hangouts has not really too off. The app is simply too complex to catch on for the average consumer. Its inevitable that this app will be phased out but over what time frame is debatable. 


The iPhone 7 is going to be so much more different than most bloggers say

The iPhone 7 will be more subtly different than what most bloggers claim. Thethe-iphone7-might-be-released-a-little-later-than-the-traditional-release-dates-of-new-iphone-series-which-mostly-debuts-in-september the difference will be different in subtle ways. Even though it may have a similar casing to the previous model this model will most likely differ in these ways:-

There will be two model on offer iPhone 7 Plus/Pro that will both feature higher resolution displays (possibly 1080p on the iPhone 7 and 2K on the Pro version). The casing will be thinner due to the headphone jack being removed also the new iPhones are likely to offer a 256gb storage option. The processor will most likely be a faster and more powerful next-generation Apple processor. The camera will also be improved, you will see a vast improvement in the quality of the night shots that will most likely rival the Samsung s7. The new pro version will possibly feature a dual camera that will most definitely outshine the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 camera. There will also be a possible colour on offer too that will feature Space Black version.

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